Sexton Family (One Mission Society)

Daniel and Keiko Sexton

Daniel Sexton has served as a missionary with One Mission Society in Japan since 1987. In September 2000, he married Keiko Kannombayashi, and they began serving together.

Daniel has been involved in English evangelism and church planting with churches in the cities of Tokyo and Otsu. The Sextons currently serve with the churches in the Bumo District in Tochigi Prefecture, north of Tokyo.

Teaching conversational English is one of the most effective methods of reaching the Japanese and introducing them to the Gospel. Keiko became a Christian through an English conversation class at the Gamagori Christ Church when she was 16 years old.

Daniel graduated in 1977 with a B.S. degree in agriculture from Kansas State University. Upon graduation, he began dairy farming in the Abilene area. While on a Men for Missions trip to Haiti, Daniel became convinced that he could be used on the mission field. Daniel completed his M.A. and M.Div. degrees at Asbury Theological Seminary in 1994 and 1995.

Keiko graduated in social welfare from Doho University in Nagoya, Japan. She also completed a one-year basic course from Tokyo Biblical Seminary in March 1993. Before marrying Daniel, she worked for six and a half years at the OMS Christian Bookstore in the seminary.

Daniel and Keiko have three children: Timothy, Tabitha and Tryphena.


Our One Mission

One Mission Society unites in partnership with more than 180 organizations and denominations for one purpose: to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ spread throughout the world, with the greatest number of disciples made, and to see God glorified in all that we say and do — to help fulfill the Great Commission. This has been, is and always will be our One Mission.

Here’s a look at One Mission Society by the numbers:

  • Every 31 seconds, on average, someone comes to know the Lord through the ministries of One Mission Society.
  • OMS-related ministries are carried out in more than 45 languages around the world.
  • OMS ministry includes more than 14,000 indigenous coworkers.
  • OMS plants more than 6,000 churches every year.
  • OMS is an evangelical, interdenominational faith mission that has 30+ denominations represented within its missionary membership.

Our mission is succinctly defined by our mission statement:

By God’s grace, One Mission Society unites, inspires and equips Christians to make disciples of Jesus Christ, multiplying dynamic communities of believers around the world.

Our One Calling

One Mission Society was founded on the principle that the most effective way to share Christ is by training a nation’s people to lead and multiply their churches. These principles, along with enabling ministries and compassion ministries, are the basis of our dynamic four-fold focus:

  • Intentional Evangelism: We become vessels of Christ, leading people to a life-changing relationship with Jesus, and then, we ensure that each person is discipled.
  • Planting Churches: We encourage, empower and support new believers to form vital, thriving and life-changing churches.
  • Training Leaders: We equip leaders in our training centers and seminaries worldwide so the future leaders of the national churches will be from within that country.
  • Forming Strategic Partnerships: We show the world that Christians are united to spread the Gospel by working together with other mission organizations, ministries and churches in the countries we serve.

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