Larson Family (WorldVenture)

In 2015 we transitioned back to the US from Spain and are now serving in missionary member care with Worldventure. This care seeks to prepare missionaries to live and serve cross-culturally, sustain and support them during their life and ministry rhythms, and restore when difficulty or crisis hits. This pastoral counseling role allows us the great privilege of ministering to missionaries around the world in order to sustain them while living and working overseas. We have the unique opportunity of partnering with approximately 500 missionaries in 60 different nations. This ministry involves preparing our missionaries through the pre-field process of being an appointee and working with them through individual counseling, seminars, and workshops that we and others teach. While they are on the field, we seek to sustain and support our missionaries as struggles and difficulties hit during the up’s and down’s of life and ministry. While they are overseas we utilize video conferencing technology as well as meet with the missionary as we go to their conferences and training. We host missionaries when they return to the US for their home assignment and we work with them to understand and process their past term through a week of debriefing. Finally we seek to restore missionaries as crisis hits or they experience a moral failure. This process of healing and restoration is an important redemptive process that we sensitively walk through as we want them to walk with and serve the Lord the rest of their lives as missionaries or in other ways as God leads. In order to find sustainability as a home missionary, Brian is also a Colorado National Guard Chaplain which requires one weekend a month and two weeks a year. These two ministries are an incredible fit as he provides member care to soldiers and member care to missionaries. Thank you for partnering with us for the sake of the gospel around the world.



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