(Jon & Brogan Britt-Griffith) Called to Greatness


Called to Greatness is a ministry committed to equipping the future leaders of our societies – students. By reaching these students now, we can train and empower the next generation to love God and serve Him. We believe God has called us to live a life of greatness and we define greatness as the full expression of being the person He created you to be.

We work together as a community to help young men and women discover their calling through encouragement, fellowship, and discipleship. We focus our ministry on youth, college students and athletics. We’d love for you to join us in your area at one of our weekly gatherings or events.

Our mission is to help students discover, build, and start living a life of greatness.  We desire to walk alongside students as they discover God’s plan and purpose for their lives. We hope to train young people to see that their faith is not limited to their own “personal walk with Jesus,” but that Jesus Christ wants to influence and reign over every area of life.

All of life is spiritual –  including our interests, relationships, talents and career. We want to help students develop in all areas of life so they might glorify God and advance His kingdom through their lives. We don’t believe going to church, praying, or being in the mission field is “more spiritual” than becoming an engineer, artist, teacher, or business leader. We want all of God’s people to know how they can serve him in the field in which God has called them to serve and live.


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