Cindi’s Hope

Cindi’s Hope is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Cindi Lynn’s Hope Foundation was founded in 2006, when three dedicated ladies, Ms Cindi Murphy, Ms. Grace Wangeci, and Ms. Mary Owinyo realized the plight of young girls who were being physically and/or sexually abused. Cindi’s Hope Rescue Center was established as a safe haven where the girls could be housed, fed, clothed, educated, and their basic physical and spiritual needs met. As they gained a reputation for effectively and compassionately caring for the girls, more and more children were brought to them by government officials. It is the only one in Kirinyaga County that specifically assists little girls in these situations.

Beginning with 14 girls in 2006, the number of the children (now including boys) has increased to nearly 120 and grown to two locations – new children added almost weekly. This increase in population demonstrates the dramatic need of facilities like Cindi Lynn’s Hope. Kenyan children are tremendously vulnerable and many are abused in our society. Cindi Lynn’s Hope desires to partner with other organization to help provide refuge for these children.

Board Members

Cindi Lynn Murphy, Founder and Director

Cindi Murphy has a Master’s in Education with a focus on Curriculum and Technology from the University of Phoenix. She has an administrative certificate for primary and secondary level education. Additionally, Ms. Murphy is a certified Bible teacher with Precept Bible Ministries. She lovingly trains her teachers, staff, and pupils to be people of integrity and excellence, using God’s Word as her foundation.

Grace Karubiu, Secretary

Grace Karubiu began serving in Christian Ministry in 2001 when she served as a house mother at Holistic Caring and Counseling Centre. During that time she attended Parkland Baptist Church and studied for 4 years, learning basic Christian counseling skills. In 2003 she also studied Home Care at Helma Management. Realizing she had a gift of caring for less fortunate children, she began a Children’s Home (Bethesda) in October 2006. In 2010 her work was recognized and Grace was awarded a Good Samaritan Award by the Parliament Speaker. In April 2011 she met Cindi and merged Bethesda with Cindi’s Lynn’s Hope Founcation.

Mary A. Owinyo, Treasurer

Mary Owinyo holds a certificate in Financial Management from Equity Bank. She served as treasurer for two separate women’s groups for over ten years. Along with bookkeeping skills, Mary posseses a passion for assisting vulnerable children in society. The focus and goals of Cindi Lynn’s Hope prompted her to partner with Cindi Lynn’s Hope Foundation in 2006 to help oversee the finances and the donations they receive. She has a passion to see Cindi’s HOPE grow and accommodate many more children who are physically and/or sexually abused.


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